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The Flow boiler launches in January 2015. Register your interest today.

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And learn all about the Flow boiler. Our boiler is so clever it will heat your home and water efficiently and reliably – and it will generate low cost, low carbon electricity at the same time. By generating electricity you can use in your home, the Flow boiler will save you money and help you be greener. It’s an amazing piece of kit, made right here in the UK.

Launching in January 2015

Worth the wait

The Flow boiler has been 10 years in the making - that's how long it takes to design the world's first affordable electricity-generating boiler. It will launch in January 2015 – and it’ll definitely be worth the wait because it'll deliver fantastic savings to you.

The launch version of the Flow boiler is suitable for specific types of home. You can answer our quick suitability questions now, to see if the Flow boiler is right for you. If it is, we'll be in touch early next year when we'll give you the chance to become a part of the future of home heating and home energy.

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We make ground-breaking boilers and we supply home energy too - to over 30,000 customers who already enjoy the very best customer service. Hear the nice things they have to say about us - and begin to understand how different it is being a Flow customer.


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We’re a highly-regarded stock market-listed company with a 10 year history of innovation. And we have a vision – for everyone in the UK to have a Flow boiler so that everyone in the UK can generate their own electricity, slashing their bills and their emissions too. Along the way, we want to deliver a service so good that energy becomes something that makes you smile, completely changing the way you think about it. Let us tell you our story.

Find out if a Flow boiler is right for you

Our launch version of the Flow boiler is suitable for specific types of homes. Simply answer a few questions about your home and energy use and we can tell you if the Flow boiler is right for you.