Flow Freedom

You pay for your boiler upfront, like any other boiler, with Flow Freedom.

However, unlike any other boiler, you’ll then receive a fixed reduction in your home energy bill over 5 years that adds up to more than the cost of your boiler. It’s a fantastic way to get the most out of a boiler purchase.

How It Works

We’ll carry out a free home survey, to see if the Flow boiler is right for you. If it is, then the first thing we’ll do is switch your home energy supply to Flow. We’ll put you on one of the cheapest home energy tariffs in the UK. So just by completing this stage, you’ll save up to £222* a year (compared to what you currently pay for your energy)*.

*your actual saving depends on the current tariff you’re on and how much energy you use

Your Flow boiler comes bundled with home energy

Your Flow boiler will cost £3,675, including VAT and excluding installation. However, Flow will then deliver a fixed reduction in your home energy bill of £80 a month over 5 years, which adds up to a total reduction of £4,800 (this is on top of any savings you’ve already made by switching your home energy to Flow).

Cost of boiler

£3,675 (inc. VAT at 5%)

Total fixed reduction in home energy bill after 5 years


† Plus any additional savings you make just by switching your home energy to Flow.

At the end of the first 5 years, the fixed monthly reductions in your home energy bill will stop. However, your boiler will continue to generate electricity, which will continue to reduce your home energy bill. This electricity could be worth hundreds of pounds a year* for the remaining lifetime of your boiler.

* Depending on how you use your heating system. Includes FiT payments.

Just to be clear…

Your boiler comes in a unique package bundled with the UK’s cheapest home energy.

Install a Flow boiler and Flow will deliver a FIXED reduction in your home energy bill over 5 years that totals £4,800. On top of that, you will save up to an extra £222 a year because your Flow home energy will be cheaper than you currently pay. It’s an incredible deal for an incredible boiler.

Now what?

Check that a Flow boiler is suitable for your home

Learn how to get a Flow boiler

Terms & Conditions apply. We will need to survey your property to establish the installation cost. You will need to take gas and electricity supply on Flow Energy’s Generate 1 tariff and nominate Flow Energy as the recipient of the Feed-in Tariff. The rebate will be a reduction to your energy account and therefore give a lower monthly Direct Debit payment; there is no cash alternative. Offer only available to customers over the age of 21 living in Great Britain.

If you:

  1. change your energy supplier from Flow Energy;
  2. no longer nominate Flow Energy as the recipient of the feed-in tariffs;
  3. fail to pay for your gas and/or electricity;
  4. replace your Flow Boiler;
  5. move home; or
  6. do not provide monthly meter reading

The obligation to pay the Rebate will immediately cease.

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