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Flow is a reliable and really efficient boiler with a bit of magic inside.

This is the world's first affordable electricity-generating boiler. It uses patented technology to generate electricity as it's heating your home. No other company anywhere else in the world has a boiler like this. Watch our video to find out how it works.

Features and technical spec

  • Electricity-generating (microCHP) condensing gas boiler requiring a separate hot water tank
  • Generates around 2000kWh of electricity a year, depending on house and gas usage
  • A-rated efficiency – 94%
  • Wall mounted
  • 5 year boiler guarantee
  • 5 year power module (electricity-generator) guarantee, can be extended up to 10 years

Built to last

The Flow boiler is manufactured in Scotland by Jabil, one of the world’s leading manufacturers. It’s made using the highest quality components, sourced from our trusty partners in the Eurozone.

Although the Flow boiler is revolutionary, it actually uses very similar components to most other boiler manufacturers. So although the Flow boiler is excitingly different, it will also seem reassuringly familiar to you.

And of course it’s built to last. Our engineers have paid attention to every last detail of the design to maximise reliability and efficiency. So not only will you get a boiler that generates electricity, you’ll also get a boiler that heats your home and water for years to come.

The Energy Generating Scroll

Tested to the limits

Our research and development centre is in Capenhurst, near Chester. That’s where our world-beating scientists and engineers spent 10 years and £75m developing the unique, patented Flow boiler.

Much of the design and development work is initially done digitally. But then there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty in the workshop, where the early prototypes were built by hand.

The Capenhurst facility includes our state-of-the-art test centre, where Flow boilers are tested for thousands of hours, running continuously. Despite a huge heat extraction unit, it’s pretty hot in there! But despite making our engineers a little pink, it produces invaluable data that allows us to continuously improve the Flow boiler’s performance for our customers.


  • Comes in an innovative package where the boiler pays for itself via a fixed annual reduction in your home energy bills of £434 a year for the first 5 years
  • Also comes bundled with some of the UK’s most competitively priced home energy, saving you up to an extra £300 a year
  • After the first 5 years, can reduce your electricity bills by up to £500 a year for the remaining lifetime of your boiler
  • Can reduce your household carbon emissions by up to 20%
  • Manufactured in the UK – supports UK jobs and UK manufacturing
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