Introducing Flow Freedom

Receive back
In savings over 5 years

Is the Flow boiler right for you?

Flow Freedom explained…

John lives in a 4 bed semi. He knows his existing boiler is inefficient but he’s been waiting for a great deal before he replaces it.  He finds that great deal with Flow Freedom.

Flow Freedom:
how it works

  • First, we’ll assess whether the Flow boiler is right for your home.

    If it is, then we’ll ask you to pay for the Flow boiler itself and for competitively priced installation – as you would with any boiler.

  • We'll also switch you over to Flow for your home energy

    Your Flow boiler comes bundled with some of the UK’s most competitively priced home energy.  So, as part of the deal, we’ll switch you over to Flow Energy for your home energy. Since Flow is so competitive on home energy, you could save up to £434 a year just by completing this stage.

  • We'll then deliver further big savings

    The Flow boiler costs £3,675, including VAT and excluding installation. Once it’s installed, we’ll reduce your home energy bill by £80 a month, or £960 a year, for five years. The total reduction in your home energy bill will be £4,800 after five years. This is on top of any savings you have made simply by switching your home energy to Flow.

  • Just to be clear...

    By the end of five years, just to be clear, you’ll have received a total fixed discount on your home energy of £4,800 – plus up to £434 a year more by switching your home energy to Flow. As a reminder, the cost of the Flow boiler itself is £3,675.

Sound too good
to be true?

  • How do I get a Flow boiler?

    The Flow boiler is right for certain kinds of home.  So the first thing to do is answer our quick qualifying questions. We’ll then send one of our Flow Ambassadors round to conduct a free home survey to see if the Flow boiler is exactly right for you.  Your Flow Ambassador will be able to talk you through our packages and your options

  • All sounds too good to be true?
    It isn’t, it’s just an incredible deal.

    We’ve spent 10 years developing the Flow boiler. So we wanted to celebrate its launch with a very special deal. We think Flow Freedom is just that.

  • What happens after five years?

    At the end of the five years, you’ll continue to see reductions in your home energy bills.  However, this reduction will now be linked to how much electricity your boiler actually generates, it won’t be a fixed sum of £80 a month like in the first five years.

    So you’ll see a fixed reduction in your home energy bill of £4800 over five years – and then you’ll continue to earn from your Flow boiler for years to come.

Key facts

Pay for your Flow boiler

The revolutionary Flow boiler costs £3675, including VAT at 5% and excluding installation

Pay for installation

Every home is different and we’ll provide a personalised quote for you following your home survey

Switch your home energy to Flow on a competitive boiler tariff

You pay for all the gas and electricity used in your home, including electricity that comes from the Flow boiler

Assign Feed-in Tariff payments to Flow

The electricity from the Flow boiler is eligible for the Feed-in Tariff
– a government scheme to reduce carbon emissions

Receive a monthly discount on your home energy bill of £80

We’ll deliver this discount for five years.  Over the five year period the total discount you’ll receive will be £4,800