Complaint Reporting

The energy industry has a reputation for poor customer service. But not Flow.  We genuinely care about our customers and we work hard every day to create a service you enjoy and we can be proud of.

Our complaints performance

We hope that you never have cause to complain to Flow. But, occasionally, things do go wrong. Due to the complex nature of the energy industry and the way that information is passed between many different parties, when things go wrong, it’s often not our fault. But whether it’s our fault or not, we always work as hard as we can to put things right for our customers as quickly as we can.

Quarterly complaint statistics

Quarter Number of complaints Per 100,000 accounts Number of complaints resolved Per 100,000 accounts % resolved within 1 working day % resolved within eight weeks
Q3 2016 1169 477 1051 785 18% 95%
Q2 2016 1417 681 1290 620 20% 96%
Q1 2016 628 384 551 337 21% 100%
Q4 2015 423 434 382 392 23% 85%
Q3 2015 266 338 226 287 7% 77%
Q2 2015 208 311 208 311 10% 100%
Q1 2015 193 345 128 229 20% 86%
Q4 2014 179 278 100 155 17% 99.5%
Q3 2014 119 18 98 156 24% 93%
Q2 2014 81 129 77 124 22% 95%
Q1 2014 105 223 86 183 30% 93%
Q4 2013 257 513 253 505 26% 97%
Q3 2013 224 465 212 440 45% 97%
Q2 2013 170 1,613 157 1,490 51% 100%


Click here to see our annual complaint report.

Top 5 reasons for complaints:


  • Direct Debit reviews and communications around them
  • Metering appointments and processes
  • General billing
  • Timescales for processes
  • Account management and recording of information

And what we’re doing about them…

Direct Debit reviews and communication around them

We’re refining our internal processes and communications based on your feedback. Our billing systems are being upgraded and our account management teams expanded into dedicated teams for reviewing customer accounts. In addition we’ll look to improve our communications around your current account balance so you’re always fully aware of whether you’re in credit or debit.

Metering appointments and processes

We regularly review our standards and practices around our metering policies as well as those of our third party metering agents. Any complaints or enquires are escalated to the third party to be investigated.

General billing

We always aim for your energy bills to be as accurate as possible. However sometimes we experience a delay in generating them or they are produced with slightly inaccurate information. To make sure mistakes are kept to a minimum we’re improving our internal billing systems, changing our processes and have kept expanding the size of our billing team.

Timescales for processes

Sometimes issues take longer to resolve then we’d like them to. To fix this we’ve spent time and money improving our internal systems and processes to make sure we keep to and eventually reduce our stated timescales.

Account management and recording of information

We’re always improving our in-depth training and working hard to make sure that all our Account Managers can resolve your query within one call. And if they can’t, we’ll make sure that the information recorded on your account offers a comprehensive recap of any previous enquires or issues so you won’t have to repeat yourself if we need to follow up on anything.