Meet Flow

The Flow boiler generates low cost, low carbon electricity as it uses gas to heat a home. It reduces household bills and carbon emissions.

And it even comes in a self-financing package where the customer effectively only pays for installation.  Learn more or sign up for your free training today.

How the Flow boiler can pay for itself

1 Flow Boiler

Customer pays for installations of the Flow boiler, switches their home energy to Flow and signs a finance agreement for the cost of the boiler.

2 Bolt Circled

The boiler generates electricity, which attracts Feed in Tariff payments. These are assigned to Flow.

3 Piggy Bank

Every month, Flow reduces the customer’s energy bill by an amount that is guaranteed to match the finance payment, effectively leaving the customer even.


After five years, the finance agreement is paid off and the Flow boiler belongs to the customer.


The customer continues to get lower bills, via the actual amount of electricity the boiler generates, plus they now share in the Feed in Tariff.

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