The boiler that generates electricity
as it heats your home.

Flow heats your home efficiently and reliably – and generates electricity for your home at the same time. It reduces your bills and your carbon emissions and even comes in a package where you effectively only pay for installation.

Now that is clever.

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Why choose Flow?

The Flow boiler is a unique heating product that provides a wealth of benefits to you as a homeowner. Find out why you should choose a Flow now.

Our unique packages

1. Flow Finance

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2. Flow Freedom

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Flow is a reliable and really efficient boiler with a bit of magic inside.

This is the world’s first affordable electricity-generating boiler. It uses patented technology to generate electricity as it’s heating your home. No other company anywhere else in the world has a boiler like this.

How to get a Flow boiler

There are just a few simple steps to getting a Flow

boiler as part of our revolutionary ‘pays for itself’ packages.

How green is Flow? Very!

The Flow boiler represents the
New Green.

Gas Safe