How green is the Flow boiler?

The Flow boiler represents the New Green

It uses innovative technology to help you make a real difference, significantly reducing your carbon emissions while heating your home like any other boiler.

This is what we call the New Green.  Your lifestyle stays the same, but our clever tech helps you be a whole lot greener.

It’s green without the pain!

How green is the Flow boiler

Making it easy to be green

Sometimes being green is a lot of effort. But not with the Flow boiler. Simply use your heating system as normal and you’ll reduce your household carbon emissions by up to 20% or 1000kg of co2.  That's roughly the same as driving 4000 miles less in the average UK car. So your lifestyle stays the same, but you make a real difference.  And, of course, you save money too.

Greening the nation

With a million Flow boilers installed in customer homes, the amount of carbon Flow would save the nation becomes serious. Together with our customers, we'd reduce overall UK carbon emissions by around a million tonnes. That's the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road. So the Flow boiler will play an important rule in helping the UK meet its carbon reductions targets and making sure the UK stays a green and pleasant place to live.

A safer, more secure future

The UK needs to move towards a renewable future - using solar and wind power, for example.  But that's still some way off.  An important step on the journey towards renewables is starting to use the natural gas we have much more efficiently. The Flow boiler does just that - it generates electricity in the home 3 times more efficiently than a big, central power station. So, the Flow boiler uses much less gas to generate electricity than big power stations, which makes that electricity cheaper and cleaner.  It also means that less electricity is required from large, dirtier power stations via the National Grid, because lots of electricity is being generated in customer homes.  Actually, for every 500,000 Flow boilers we install, a big power station can be switched off.  All of this increases the UK's energy security and makes us less reliant on gas from other countries, making the creation of a sustainable energy future much more likely.