The Flow boiler is a ground-breaking product wrapped up in a revolutionary deal. So we're sure you'll have questions. There are some answers to the key ones below. But if you have any more, then please call the team.

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    Is the Flow boiler suitable for all homes?

    The current version of the Flow boiler is suitable for 3-5 bedroom homes and it requires a separate hot water tank.  Why not check now, to see if your home is theoretically suitable and get a quote?

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    What packages are available?

    You can finance your Flow boiler or pay for it upfront. Whichever package you choose, your boiler will come bundled with some of the UK’s cheapest home energy. With this clever, bundled deal, we can offer fixed reductions in your home energy bills that allow your boiler to pay for itself. Visit our Packages pages for much more information about these attractive deals.

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    How much will the Flow boiler save me?

    The Flow boiler comes bundled with home energy under one of the most competitive energy tariffs on the marketplace. So, ignoring the boiler for a moment, we should be able to significantly reduce your home energy bills just by switching your supply to us – by up to £222 a year, depending on your current supplier and tariff.

    However, we actually deliver even bigger savings than that. Install a Flow boiler and, on top of any savings you make by switching your home energy to us, you will receive a fixed reduction in your home energy bills, over the first 5 years, of £80 a month – a total of £4800 savings over 5 years. That’s right, £4,800. This is not linked to how much electricity your Flow boiler actually generates.

    And that’s not all. At the end of the first five years, you’ll continue to see reductions in your home energy bills because your boiler will continue to generate electricity. The only difference is that the reduction will no longer be fixed, it will instead be based on how much electricity your boiler generates. The electricity your Flow boiler generates could be worth hundreds of pounds a year for its remaining lifetime (including Feed-in Tariff payments). It’s an incredible deal for an incredible boiler.

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    How do I get a Flow boiler?

    Flow provides boilers direct to customers.  So your journey starts here!

    First you need to answer some quick suitability questions to see if the Flow boiler is right for you.

    If your answers match, then we’ll organise for one of our engineers to conduct a free survey on your home to make 100% sure the Flow boiler is right for you.

    If it is, we’ll provide you with a competitive install quote, then we’ll ask you to choose your package.  When everything’s agreed, one of our engineers will come and install your electricity-generating, energy-bill-shrinking Flow boiler!

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    What warranty does the Flow boiler come with?

    The Flow boiler is made up of two parts – the boiler itself, which provides heat for your home, and the patented power module housed inside the boiler, that generates electricity.

    The boiler part has a five year warranty which includes parts and labour. The power module also has a five year warranty although this warranty continues for up to 10 years if you continue to stay with Flow for your home energy.

    Your first year service is included. So we’ll be able to offer you both a ground-breaking boiler and complete peace of mind.

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    Is the Flow boiler noisy?

    Most modern boilers are relatively quiet. The Flow boiler is no exception although it does produce slightly more noise than a standard boiler due to the process involved in generating electricity.

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    Who makes the Flow boiler? And who installs and services it?

    The Flow boiler is manufactured in a dedicated facility in Livingston, Scotland by Jabil Circuit. Jabil is a huge global company that has forged its reputation for the highest quality manufacturing by making products for some of the world’s biggest brands. Jabil is a multi-billion pound company with a long history of manufacturing excellence. We’re proud that they’re making our game-changing boiler – and in the UK too.

    Your Flow boiler will be installed and servicing by one of our network of accredited engineers our Flow Brand Ambassadors.  Our Ambassadors are the world-experts on the Flow boiler, there’s nothing they don’t know.  Plus they’re polite and careful too.  So you’ll be in good hands.

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    Who are Flow?

    We’re a ground-breaking energy technology company with a research and development facility in Capenhurst, near Chester, an installer training centre in Preston Brook, Cheshire, and a home energy business in sunny, maritime Ipswich. Our manufacturing facility is in the Almond Valley, just outside Edinburgh.

    We’ve been around since 1998 and we launched on the stock market in 2006. We employ over 200 people and provide a team of around 1000 boiler installers and engineers across the country. We have over 250,000 existing customers accounts who we supply home energy to (and very happy they are too).

    We’re a friendly and approachable company with a grand vision – we want to change the way people think about energy, helping every household in the UK (and beyond) generate their own low cost, low carbon electricity. We’d love to have you as a customer.

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    How does the Flow boiler generate electricity?

    The Flow boiler is what’s called a microCHP boiler. The CHP bit stands for Combined Heat and Power. There are a few different kinds of microCHP technology but we use the Organic Rankine Cycle.

    There are two parts to the Flow boiler – the heat-producing boiler itself and the electricity-generating power module, housed inside the boiler.

    So, natural gas or LPG burns in the combustion chamber, just as it does in a standard boiler. But instead of directly heating water, it heats up a fluid in the power module. This fluid evaporates and the resulting vapour moves through a scroll expander, which acts like a mini dynamo to generate electricity, which can be used in your home or exported. Once the vapour has moved through the scroll it condenses in a small heat exchanger to heat the water for your heating system and hot water. Then the whole process starts again.

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    How do I know Flow’s home energy prices will stay competitive?

    Your Flow boiler comes bundled with home energy in a 5 year package.  We’ve built a reputation for fantastic home energy prices. When we launched our home energy business in 2013 we offered the cheapest fixed rate home energy deal anywhere in the UK and have continued to offer great value home energy since. We’ve built our reputation on great prices and fantastic customer service and we want to keep it that way.

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    Will the Flow boiler use more gas than my existing boiler?

    This depends. If you’re replacing an old boiler, then your old boiler is probably quite inefficient, which means it will use quite a lot of gas. Since the Flow boiler is really efficient, it will use less gas than an older boiler. However, the Flow boiler does use a bit more gas than a new, standard boiler. That’s because it burns a bit more relatively cheap gas to generate high value electricity. If you’re replacing a relatively new condensing boiler with a Flow boiler then you might expect to use about £50 more on gas every year. Although, of course, Flow’s fixed payback deals mean that that hardly matters, since you’ll be receiving back the entire cost of the boiler over five years and then benefiting from hundreds of pounds a year off your home energy bills long term.

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    Can I see the full terms and conditions?

    Of course you can, just ask the team.

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