The first smart boiler

Clever Flow will become part of the connected home

Soon you'll be able to control your boiler with your smart phone and even let it charge your electric car. This is just the beginning.

Stay connected

In the very near future, the Flow boiler will be connected to the internet. Then you'll be able to control it remotely via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You'll be able to turn it up or down, off or on, wherever you happen to be - which will help you to save even more money.

But it doesn't stop there. You may have heard of the 'internet of things' and the connected home, where many devices in the home are connected to the internet and can talk to each other, optimising their performance. Some of the world's biggest companies are currently creating products for the connected home, from toothbrushes to fridges. Scroll down to hear about Flow's exciting role in the connected home of the very near future.

The future of home energy

The Flow boiler will be the beating heart of the connected home, powering all your other connected devices with low cost, low carbon electricity. The Flow boiler will, for example, be able to talk to an internet-connected washing machine, telling it to turn on when the Flow boiler is generating electricity, so that electricity can be used in the home. It will be able to keep a house warm on the coldest winter nights while charging an electric car. This is truly the future of home heating and home energy.