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Comfort. Control. Efficiency

The smart home is here, with Flow. Add indoor intelligence with a range of products that save you money, give you more control and keep you safe.

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Smart thermostat

Control your heating with your smart home from wherever you are


Smart plugs

Control and check any electrical device from your phone too

Flow Home explained

Flow Home is a range of devices for your home that are connected to the internet through a central hub.

These intelligent devices can be controlled via an app on your phone and can also send alerts to your phone too.

Flow Home builds clever features into everyday things to make them more efficient. So with Flow Home you’’ll save time and money. Leaving you more of both to spend on the things you love.

Flow Home products


Top 5 FAQs

It depends on the package you choose. The Smart Thermostat will require installation by one of our approved engineers.
Yes in order to benefit from the products you’ll need to be online.
Smart products allow you more comfort, control and efficiency. Put simply Flow’s range of smart products make your home work smarter.
Yes, along as when they are installed your home meets the minimum requirements.
Your data is stored securely in our servers with your full consent in much the same way your energy account information is stored.