Our vision

To deliver more than any other energy company

We want energy to be something inspiring, not something dull. Something that delivers real value not just high costs. So our vision is to deliver great prices on home energy, the best service around, and a range of other exciting products and services that will reduce your costs even more. Like the Flow boiler. Take a look at what we're hoping to achieve with this incredible piece of kit and see how different our vision for the future of energy really is.

What benefits does the Flow
boiler bring?

For You

  • Upfront saving of the cost of a new boiler with our unique 'boiler that pays for itself' package.
  • Potential £500 per year return long term
  • A 20% reduction in your household carbon emissions, making a real difference to the environment
  • A chance to use low carbon electricity in your home
  • A reliable, extremely efficient, technologically advanced boiler to heat your home

For the UK

20m Flow boilers installed across the UK would mean:

  • A collective saving of £4bn a year on customer energy bills
  • UK carbon emissions reduced by 20 billion kilograms of CO2 (the equivalent of taking 5.5m cars off the road)
  • 40 large dirty coal-fired power stations switched off
  • A secure, low carbon energy future for everyone

Sound exciting? Then join us today