Our vision

To build a new kind of energy company

Technological change is accelerating and it’s changing pretty much every industry. Energy isn’t just about gas and electricity any more. It’s about intelligent technology that can reduce your energy costs – and help make life just a little bit easier. Flow is at the forefront of this revolution in what an energy company can be. We’re delivering value to customers in new and clever ways. And we’re looking for people who can help us achieve our goals.


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What benefits does Flow deliver?

To customers

  • Some of the cheapest home energy around
  • Cutting-edge heating systems to cut their energy costs even more
  • A suite of innovative products for the connected home
  • Award-winning Which? Recommended customer service

What benefits Flow delivers

To the UK

  • £73m off customers’ energy bills which can be spent to boost the economy
  • Huge reductions in carbon emission via Flow’s high efficiency heating systems
  • Hundreds of jobs in services and manufacturing
  • A positive example of what an energy company can be

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