What's it like to work at Flow?

Fun. Exciting. Challenging. Inspirational.

And, of course, we mean challenging in a good way! That’s because we’re building this company piece by piece and everyone’s involved.  Everyone has to rise to meet the challenge of creating a world-beating business.

And everybody does. People are at the heart of our business and it’s people who create our success – not processes, not systems – people.  We have dozens of examples of people starting in one role and developing into another as their skills become clear.

There’s a world of opportunity at Flow.  Hear below what it’s like to work at Flow from some of the people who already do.

Suzie Pettit

Credit Management Team Leader

I’ve been in the industry for just over 5 years now. When I first started, I didn’t really have a defined role and I did lots of different things but I must have done something right because I’m now a team leader! Some companies I’ve worked for shout about how amazing they are when really they’re not. But Flow doesn’t. Flow don’t realise how good they are and I love that, it’s almost like an understatement of what we can do and where we’re going to be. You know, sometimes, you get that Monday morning dread but you don’t get that here. It’s very much “What’s this week going to bring?” It’s a good feeling.

Marina Almendros

Test Analyst

I’m from Spain, I’ve lived in Ipswich for 2 1/2 years. I like the fact that Flow gave me an opportunity. They saw potential in me and some really good experience in customer service, even though I didn’t have an energy background, and I’m ever so grateful for that. Flow doesn’t always look for experience, they search for the right personality. They welcome your initiative, it keeps my motivation up. I can challenge myself and use my brain. I started in customer service and now I’m a test analyst and every step I go with Flow, I’m enjoying it even more.

Meet the team

Quick fire round

We decided to have some fun with the team and ask them some quick fire questions – see how Roland, Susie, Martin and the rest got on by watching the video.