Our Values

Why do we exist?

To change the way people think about energy.

How do we do that?

By creating ground-breaking products, delivering a world-beating service and by living our values.  We reference our values in everything we do.  If something doesn’t fit in with our value system, we simply don’t do it.  It’s a guarantee that we’re providing the very best service to our customers.

Our Values


We firmly believe in people and their potential.  People create our success.  Our customers and our team are the most important parts of our business.  We never forget that.


You can tinker away at the edges of an issue – or you can completely change the game.  That’s our ambition.  In everything we do, we want to be revolutionary, for the benefit of everybody.


We want to inspire people to think, act and feel differently about energy.  And we want to inspire people to do what we have done, to create energy products that change the world.


We always look to create the clever alternative.  We’re not interested in the status quo.  We want to be different and, in being different, we want to be better.