Cleaner and greener – and the same great prices

Posted on 5th February 2018 by FoxtrotLimaOscarWhiskey

For those of you who don’t already know, we’re really pleased to announce that we’ve now moved all our home energy plans to include 50% renewable electricity at no extra cost.

We passionately believe in building a cleaner, greener, more sustainable energy future. This move helps all our customers play their part in creating it.

From now on, we’ll also offer all our new tariffs with the option to upgrade to 100% renewable electricity for a small extra charge – about £2.50 a month for an average user.

Renewable electricity from wind and solar farms is playing a growing role in powering the country. At Flow, we’re working on several renewable projects to support our renewable customer offer – like matching local renewable generation with local consumers, to avoid transmission costs and cut prices.

Sustainability in energy is our biggest driver, whether that’s green energy, realistic pricing or improving the industry’s reputation so that customers feel they can engage with their energy supplier in a positive way. 85% of our customers say that having a higher proportion of renewable electricity in their tariff is a good thing, and we’ll continue to invest in our renewable offer.

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