12 (low energy) days of Christmas!

Posted on 1st December 2015 by Alex Heys

This year consumers in the UK are set to spend a whopping £24.4 billion on Christmas presents, with nearly 800 million gifts expected to be exchanged on the day. Wouldn’’t it be nice if the majority of these were environmentally friendly, second-hand or even just recyclable? Here are our 12 suggestions for eco-friendly gifts.

1.Wooden earphones

These eco-friendly in-ear headphones from Woodbuds are crafted from FSC certified sustainable plantation hardwood. To top it all off, Woodbuds plant a tree for every 100 products sold and donates 1% of its sales to number of environmental organisations.

Woodbuds – £30.99

2.Turtle Doves cashmere scarf

The team at Turtle Doves pride themselves on making recycled, ethical clothing out of pre-loved cashmere jumpers. We love the scarves that are big enough to double up as a wrap or blanket, they come in a variety of colours and patterns and prices start from £45.

Cashmere scarf – from £45

3.Wireless activity & sleep tracker

iHealth Labs has developed this low energy and affordable activity tracker that gives you insight on your steps, calories burned and distance travelled, as well as your sleep efficiency. It can be worn on your wrist like a watch or on your hip with a clip; it also links to your smartphone via Bluetooth keeping a history of your data.

iHealth AM3 – £20.28

4.Solar powered travel shaver

This razor and beard trimmer from The Solar Trader is a bargain at just £8.99! The compact and lightweight shaver can be recharged from the mains or sunlight. It’’s the perfect gift for anyone who is a frequent traveller, or a novelty gift for someone who is a fan of the great outdoors.

Solar powered travel shaver – £8.99

5.Vegan and organic makeup

The cosmetics from Neal’s Yard are all organic and formulated with botanical oils and extracts that protect your skin. Neal’s Yard has an extensive range of makeup and brushes, many of which are certified by the Soil Association. We love the Goji Berry lip gloss (£9.50) and the gluten free mascara (£16.00) suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Neal’s Yard vegan and organic make up – from £9.50

6.Shetland blankets

A great renewable fibre source is wool, and these blankets from The Real Shetland Company are made out of 100% undyed Shetland wool. They come in a range of different sizes and patterns, and are incredibly warm, making them the perfect eco-friendly gift for winter. You’’ll be supporting the 800 plus Shetland crofters by purchasing one!

Real Shetland Company blanket – £49.99 – £82.00

7.Cardboard speakers

This FM radio and iPod/smartphone portable speaker is the first radio to be made from recycled cardboard. It’’s small and lightweight so perfect for taking on holiday and can be recycled at the end of the products life.

Cardboard fm radio & iPod speaker – £25.00

8.British biodynamic wines

The great bulk deals during the festive period make it very tempting to buy your Christmas wine from the supermarket, but instead why not get something a bit more special, that’’s home grown and supports the environment? Sedlescombe vineyard in East Sussex has an extensive and award-winning range including whites, rose, red and sparkling wines – all certified organic by the Soil Association and registered with the Vegan Society.

Sedlescombe biodynamic wines – from £12.95

9.Cutlery jewellery

If you are looking for a gift that’s a bit quirky, jewellery made from spoons and forks might be just the thing. Hairy Growler make gorgeous, 100% handcrafted and recycled bracelets from forks and rings from tea spoons.

Bracelets made from cutlery – from £48

10.Second-hand furniture

If you’’re into finding bargains you’’ll love ‘Preloved’. The online community website lets you browse second-hand and vintage goods for sale in your area, without the hassle and expense of auction sites. Buying from Preloved not only means you’re likely to grab a great deal or a hidden treasure, you are also helping to lower the quantity of potential landfill.

Preloved second hand gifts – £0 and upwards  

11.T-shirts made from wind power

Rapanui specialises in making ethical clothing in its wind powered factory. Everything is made from organic or recycled materials and at the end of a products life you can freepost it back to Rapanui who will recover its value. Go on the website to create your own t-shirt if you’re feeling creative, if not there is a range of existing designs to choose from.

Wind powered t-shirts from Rapanui – £19.00

12.Save an emperor penguin

In winter, male and female emperor penguins take it in turns to look after their egg while the other goes to find food. But as with many animals living in the frosty corners of the earth, their existence is threatened by climate change, impacting the sea-ice levels and food availability. Buying someone a virtual gift from Greenpeace for Christmas means you are helping the charity campaign against climate change, which in turn helps to protect emperor penguins.

Virtual gift from Greenpeace – £20

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