And now it’s 36,000 accounts

Posted on 28th June 2013 by Alex Heys

So, we’ve been quiet for a while, spending all our time taking on another 26,000 customer accounts. We’re up to 36,000 now. To say we’re pleased is an understatement! We thought that a combination of extremely competitive pricing and premium levels of customer service would be a winner and it has been. If you’re not with us yet, jump on board today.

Of course, taking on that many customers so quickly presents challenges. But our customer service team has more than risen to the occasion. They’re an incredibly hard-working and committed bunch and have done everything they can to make sure that our customers have been dealt with in the way that we, as a company, are committed to dealing with customers – with respect, honesty and integrity.

If that’s how you want to be treated by your energy company, then join us.

Alex Heys Author: Alex Heys Google+
Head of Marketing and Communications at Flow: A true believer in the power of words and the importance of the experience.


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