Are you wasting energy without knowing it?

Posted on 22nd September 2015 by Alex Heys

As we roll in to autumn the days are getting noticeably shorter and the weather is definitely a lot crisper (although you may not have noticed due to the ridiculous amount of rain we’’ve been having). With the change in weather comes an increase in household energy use – the lights are often on for longer, as is the heating, and the washing line is taking a break while the tumble dryer steps in.

As energy use increases, now is the perfect time to look at the ways you can reduce your bills by avoiding energy wastage. Most of us are aware of some of the ways to save energy in the home – turning off the lights when we leave a room, making sure the TV is’n’t on standby, unplugging our devices when they are fully charged – the list goes on. But there are loads of ways we’re wasting energy at home without even realising it. Here are five ways you can lower your energy wastage, and ultimately reduce your winter bills this year:

1. The Fridge


As enjoyable as it is taking time to contemplate the fridge and wonder what autumnal treat to indulge yourself in next, be warned – on average we spend an unbelievable 10.4 hours a year staring at an open fridge! And that’s not the only way we’re wasting energy – putting hot food in the fridge means it uses more energy to cool it down. And an empty fridge means you’re just cooling down air, making your fridge work much harder. Let your food cool before you refrigerate it and fill empty spaces with bottles of tap water or scrunched up newspaper.


2. The Letterbox


In your hallway 27% of heat loss comes from the letterbox! There are loads of similar nooks and crannies that also let out heat such as cat flaps and keyholes. A simple remedy here is to fill them with a sponge –- obviously don’t forget to tell the postman!


3. The Windows


Even when your windows are shut you’’re losing energy, especially if you don’t have double glazing. There are a number of ‘DIY’ ways to minimise the energy lost though your windows; thick curtains are a must – and close them at dusk to help keep the cold out. Draught-proofing strips are available in most hardware stores, filling the gap between the window and the frame. Putting cling film on windows can also help to keep the heat in, and reduce energy loss.


4. The Radiators


Unless you are one of the lucky few with underfloor heating, it’s likely you’’ll have wall mounted radiators. They do the job just fine, but have you ever thought about how 50% of the radiator is actually facing the wall? Radiator boosters sit on top of your radiator and draw heat trapped behind. They cost around £25 and can cut your energy bills by up to 10 percent!


5. Go to bed early!


One of the best ways to reduce your energy wastage is simply to get an early night. Putting out the lights, turning off the television and heading to bed a bit earlier could save you almost £20 a year. Although we’re not sure that £20 is worth it for all the Game of Thrones you’’ll miss.

At Flow we’re currently working on a range of energy saving products that will help you reduce your energy waste and lower your winter bills.


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