Five ways to celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday 25th March

Posted on 23rd March 2017 by Alex Heys

Between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on Saturday 25th March, people around the world will switch off their lights in celebration of Earth Hour. The annual event, organised by the WWF is a movement blazing the trail for environmental change and a greener planet.

While everyone is encouraged to join in, after the initial lights-off-candles-lit excitement, you might find yourself wondering how to spend your limited-power hour. The good news is there are plenty of ways to light up your Earth Hour without reaching for the switch. Here are five of our favourites:

1. Attend an earthy event

Earth Hour events are being hosted all across the UK for you to get involved in. From detox dining in London and ‘why starts matter’ forest trails in Cumbria to pizza and live acoustic music by candlelight in Cardiff, or fitness classes in front of the Kelpies in Scotland to produce energy to light the sculptures.

Find out what’s on offer near you by visiting the Earth Hour event map here.

2. See local landmarks in a different light

Some of the world’s biggest and brightest landmarks get lost in the darkness during each annual Earth Hour. So if you happen to live near the likes of Brighton Pier, Durham Cathedral, Anfield or the Angel of the North, grab the chance to see your city in a whole new (lack of) light. If your whereabouts is a little more rural, go for a stroll and try to spot any changes in your area during the hour. And remember, the more you spread the word the bigger difference the darkness will make.

3. Have dinner in the dark

Put your culinary skills to the test during Earth Hour by not only eating but making dinner by candlelight for your family and friends. Experiment with recipes that don’t rely on numerous hotplates and power hungry appliances in order to be delicious. Plus you can relax in the knowledge that if it all goes wrong and looks totally unappetising, no one will be able to see your failings!

4. Wise-up at work

If you work on the weekends and find yourself on a late-shift during Earth Hour, take a moment to make your office as power savvy as you can. While your colleagues might not appreciate you flipping off the mains switch, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a wander around the office and turning off any unnecessary outlets. Everything adds up, so while unplugging your computer speakers and your office kettle might not seem like the most heroic deed you’ve ever done – know that the planet is most grateful!

5. Make your home a ‘green’ house

Spending Earth Hour at home? Use the time to make your house as energy efficient as you can. Turning down the heating and the temperature of your fridge makes all the difference. And given that all your lights are off, there’s no better time to switch all of your current light bulbs to energy efficient equivalents.

You can find out more about Earth hour here

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