Getting bigger every day

Posted on 2nd May 2017 by Alex Heys

There are now more than 40 energy suppliers in the marketplace. There are dozens of very small suppliers at the bottom, fighting for tiny amounts of customers. Then the Big Six suppliers (British Gas, E.On, Npower, EDF, SSE and Scottish Power) are still the biggest. But Flow is catching up. With over 250,000 customer accounts we’re now officially classed as a mid-tier supplier. All we can say is – Big Six, watch out! With over 250 staff and mature systems in place, we know we can continue to grow and become a genuine rival to the Big Six, bringing our compelling mix of fair prices and award-winning customer service. We’re still independent and we’re still very much trying to shake things up. But we also now have the strong foundation that comes from being a big, stable business. We know that customers want innovation and excitement – but we also know you like to feel safe. And with Flow you are – safe from high prices and safe from poor service.

Alex Heys Author: Alex Heys Google+
Head of Marketing and Communications at Flow: A true believer in the power of words and the importance of the experience.


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