How to make friends: drink tea

Posted on 11th August 2017 by Alex Heys

At Flow, we love a hot drink. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or, in a few cases, just hot water. Maybe this explains why we’re such a warm and friendly bunch. An experiment conducted at the University of Boulder, Colorado, found that briefly holding a hot drink compared to a cold drink made a person much more likely to say that someone they were introduced to was more generous and caring. Basically, holding a hot drink makes you more likely to view someone positively and therefore want to form a friendship with them.

This throws up a few interesting insights. The first is that this might explain why some people think the world isn’t such a friendly place any more. Tea consumption in the UK has collapsed since the 70’s. In 1974, the average UK resident drank 23 cups of tea a week. That’s now down to 8. Admittedly, coffee has filled some of the hole but by now means all. And, in fact, the rise of iced coffee might even make things worse, according to the logic of the Colorado study.

The second is that you should probably have a hot drink available when you know you need to spend time with someone you don’t like. Good tip.

So, to be warm, we apparently need to drink warm. That’s the best excuse ever for that double gingerbread latte.

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