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Summer is the best time to switch!

Posted on 27th August 2015 by Alex Heys

At this time of year everyone is either thinking about going on holiday, actually on holiday or preparing to go on holiday. No one is thinking about those looming cold winter days, energy bills and switching energy providers. Summer is actually the perfect time to reassess your energy provider and consider switching. Why? Well there are a number of reasons. Typically throughout spring and summer, energy usage is a lot lower than in winter; as a result households are often in credit with their supplier. This means you won’t be landed with a hefty bill when you do decide to make the change! On top of this, lots of fixed priced deals will end in the summer months and many providers tend to take this opportunity to automatically switch consumers to a high variable rate (not Flow though, we make sure that our standard variable tariff is the same prices as our cheapest fixed rate). Consumers could see their energy bill rise by up to 22 per cent if they fall into this trap. Finally, by switching over the summer you are giving yourself longer to shop around and find the best deal before bills begin to rise again in the autumn.

How to find the best deal

In July, the Competitions and Markets Authority announced that the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers have been drastically overcharging their customers, and by switching to a cheaper deal households could save an average of £160. There are a number of great tools that help when searching for a new energy supplier. Websites such as Money Supermarket and The Energy Shop let you compare suppliers in your local area by filling in a simple online form (all you need is your postcode and an energy bill). Uswitch does the same– and can also handle the switch process for you on certain deals. Which? carries out an annual energy satisfaction survey, which rates suppliers on a range of measures including customer service and value for money. Luckily for us, Flow constantly ranks highly for customer satisfaction, and we have some of the cheapest deals available.

Moving house?

Spring is often considered the best time to sell a property as people aren’t distracted by summer or Christmas. As a result a lot of people end up moving into a new property over the summer months. Moving into a new house provides the perfect opportunity to switch energy suppliers. It’’s really simple too! Find out which company supplies your new home and provide them with meter readings. Then just call up your supplier of choice and they will arrange the switch. By switching your energy provider this summer, you’ll be taking advantage of the competitive marketplace and will likely be able to secure yourself a better deal. Interested in switching? Find out more about our competitive tariffs or get a quote here:        

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