Sunday 5th June: World Environment Day

Posted on 3rd June 2016 by Alex Heys

This Sunday marks World Environment Day (WED), an awareness day set up by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to encourage people to take positive environmental action. It began in 1974 and is now celebrated in over 100 countries.

Above all it serves as a “day for doing something to take care of the earth”, whether it’s through sport, arts and crafts, or even through social media. Everyone is encouraged to take part, so here are five very easy suggestions of what to do on WED to help the cause:

1. Make your house a “green” house

If you’re spending WED at home, why not use the time to make your house as energy efficient as you can. There are loads of ways to do this, but a great starting place is switching all your light bulbs to energy efficient equivalents. Turning down the heating and the temperature of your fridge (within safe guidelines) can also make all the difference.

2. Get involved in a local conservation or an eco project

WED is a great excuse to sign up and get involved in a local community project. Project Dirt’s website is one of the UK’s most active eco networks for connecting and resourcing community projects. On there you’ll find everything from gardening clubs in London, to food waste projects in Southampton and forestry training sessions in Bristol.

3. Wise-up at work

If you work on the weekends and find yourself in the office on WED, take a moment to make your office as power savvy as you can. While your colleagues might not appreciate you flipping off the mains switch, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a wander around the office and turning off any unnecessary outlets. Everything adds up, so while unplugging your computer speakers and your office kettle might not seem like the most heroic deed you’ve ever done – know that the planet is most grateful!

4. Take public transport

It sounds simple but if, for just one day each week, we all took public transport it would massively reduce emissions and ease congestion. For that reason try not to use your car on WED, and instead take the bus or even better grab your bike.

5. Name a giant sable!

Finally, this year’s WED has the theme “Go Wild for Life”, which is all about promoting zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade. Sticking to the theme, the UNEP has launched a competition for one lucky winner to name a giant sable – a large, sub-species of sable antelope found Angola’s forested highlands and nowhere else – not even in any zoo in the world.

In July, helicopter-borne rangers will shoot several of the remaining antelopes with tranquilizer darts and fit them with radio-collars. The first three animals will receive names chosen online by the WED community. Vote for your favourite name here:

We’d love to see what you get up to on WED, tweet @FlowEnergyUK with your pictures.

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