The household appliances that are impossible to live without

Posted on 19th October 2015 by Alex Heys

If you were to list the number of devices you used before you left the house this morning it would easily reach double figures. Even before getting out of bed most of us will have checked our phone and then gone on to use it throughout the day to help us carry out a staggering 221 tasks. Whilst developments in technology have meant that the appliances we use often make tasks easier, we’ve become increasingly reliant on them and often don’t use them efficiently.

With the winter months approaching and, in turn, the average household energy bills rising, we’’ve taken a look at some of the most used appliances in the home. With most of these appliances contributing a huge chunk towards our energy bills, by just making a few small changes we can easily reduce our bills. Here we give the lowdown on some of the most used household appliances, as well as some simple tips on how to save energy:

Using the Fridge

The fridge and freezer are in use throughout the day and account for around 7% of your total energy bill. A lot of energy is wasted in keeping the fridge door open, either while you decide what to eat or while you are putting away the weekly shop. When you open the fridge, the cold air escapes and is replaced by warm air in the room, by being thoughtful about the amount of time it is open can help with reducing any cold air that is easily lost.

Watching TV

Whether it’s catching up on your favourite TV show, or watching back-to-back series on Netflix, the average person will sit in front of the TV for over 3 hours and 40 minutes every day! Making sure you switch to energy-saving mode and are quick to turn the TV off when doing other things will make sure that you aren’’t wasting energy unnecessarily.

Using the Washing Machine

Just behind Broadband and the Internet, the washing machine has been voted as one of the top things we can’t live without. It’s no wonder that it is such a key feature in the home when it takes hours to hand wash items. Older top-loading machines used to use 40 gallons of water to wash a full load of clothes. Today’s newer energy efficient washers can use about 13 gallons per wash, so making sure you upgrade your machine is an easy way to cut your bills.


The average person spends 100 hours in the bath or shower each year, to reduce any water wastage try and turn the hot water down slightly when showering or reuse your bathwater on your house plants. 

At Flow we’re currently working on a range of energy saving products that will help you reduce your energy waste and lower your bills, more on this coming soon!

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