Flow boiler: first installs completed

Posted on 13th April 2016 by FoxtrotLimaOscarWhiskey

A little bit of history has been made in the North West of England as we’re very pleased to say that the first commercial installs of the Flow boiler have now been completed. The installs went smoothly and the Flow boiler is now doing what it does best – heating homes and generating electricity at the same time. New-and-old-boiler23NEW1  

If you’ve never been excited about a boiler before then it might be time to start  – because the Flow boiler is a genuine revolution.

It heats your home and water like a regular boiler but generates low cost, low carbon electricity at the same time.  It can slash your energy bills (leaving you more money to spend on the things you love) and your household carbon emissions (helping you be a whole lot greener without lifting a finger).  And to celebrate its launch it even comes in a “pays for itself” package where you receive a fixed reduction in your home energy bill of £4,800 over the first five years.

We know, it’s an incredible deal! We’ll now continue to install through the summer months, moving to higher volumes in winter. So if you’d like a Flow boiler, now’s the time.

Take a look at our boiler pages for more info and then answer our quick suitability questions to see if the Flow boiler is right for your home. And maybe you can be part of the future of energy too.


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