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The Flow boiler gets out and about

Posted on 30th May 2014 by Alex Heys

So, as we all know, the Flow boiler launches later this year. Naturally, we have an extensive plan to promote the boiler. But we’’re starting slowly, and we dipped out toe in the water just a little with a small stand at the Phex show at Alexandra Palace recently. We’’re happy to say that the water was warm and inviting!

Phex is a trade show aimed primarily at plumbers and heating engineers. These are the guys who most customers go to for advice on which boiler to install, so they’’re a really important group of people to have on board.

Now, because the Flow boiler is a really exciting new product, we’’d thought there’’d be a lot of interest. We did’n’t predict quite how much interest. Our stand was busy all day on both days with installers who were incredibly keen to find out more.

Innovative new products are hard to come by in the heating industry – game-changing products even more so. The fact that we have created a world’s first, an affordable electricity-generating boiler, was big news for the hundreds of installers we spoke to. They could instantly see just how popular the Flow boiler is going to be, and how many of their customers will see it as a really clever alternative.

Of course, we knew that installers loved the product – we’d done our market research. But meeting so many new installers face-to-face who were saying so many positive things about Flow was a special moment for everyone. Roll on the launch!

Alex Heys Author: Alex Heys Google+
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