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Posted on 4th February 2016 by Geoff Barker

January is usually a dreary month, of nipping frost and New Year’s resolutions painfully adhered to (breaking those resolutions is always so much more fun).  But for Flow this January has felt full of opportunity because we opened the order book on our ground-breaking, electricity-generating boiler.  This is no ordinary boiler.  It uses patented technology to generate low carbon electricity while it’s heating a home, slashing household energy bills and carbon emissions.  It’s the most exciting thing to happen in home heating since, well, ever.

The Flow boiler was born out of a desire to solve what’s called the energy trilemma – how to meet the rising demand for energy while keeping costs as low as possible for everyone and still reducing carbon emissions. The Flow boiler does all three, effortlessly.  So, why should you choose a Flow boiler?

1. Lower energy costs – and a boiler that pays for itself

Picture8 The Flow boiler can significantly cut your home energy bills.  In fact, it does a little more than that. It comes in a package with a fixed reduction in your home energy bill of £960 a year, every year for the first five years.  The total reduction in your home energy bill of £4,800 is much more than the cost of the boiler.  On top of that, the Flow boiler comes bundled with some of the UK’s most competitively priced home energy, which could save you up to an extra £400 a year on top the £960 fixed saving.  We realise those are some big numbers.  But that’s what makes the Flow boiler so special. Read all about the boiler packages here.

2. Going greener

sun-sunshine-trees-grass-large Since the Flow boiler generates electricity in the home extremely efficiently, that electricity is officially low carbon.  So if you’re looking to reduce a size 12 carbon footprint then the Flow boiler can help.  It can actually reduce your household’s carbon emissions by a massive 20%, the same as driving 4,000 miles less each year in the average UK car. And you don’t have to change a thing about the way you live your life.  All you have to do is heat your home.

3. Be a part of the future of energy


It’s been predicted that, in the next 15 years, a third of all boilers installed will be electricity-generating boilers like Flow’s.  Install one now and you’ll already be a part of the future of energy – plus you’ll have a warm home, lots of hot water, lower bills and a greener lifestyle.  All from a plain white box on your wall.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Flow boiler, find out if it would be suitable for your home by answering a few quick questions here:


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