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Posted on 28th January 2015 by Alex Heys

So, the Flow boiler has now launched – on the 26th January. You might be wondering when you’’re going to see our big launch campaigns. Well, for now we’re concentrating on speaking to the 10,000 people who’’ve already expressed interest in the Flow boiler.

Our main marketing and PR campaigns kick off on the 9th February, initially in the North West of England and then quickly expanding to the Midlands and the South East. We’’ll be visible online, heard on the radio, seen on billboards in town centres, posted through tens of thousands of letterboxes and we’’ll appear in the email inboxes of hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

Naturally, we’re taking things steady to begin with, making sure the customer experience is exactly right. We’ll ramp up both production and sales as we go through the year. We’’ll initially be selling directly to customers exclusively, but we’’ll quickly move to initiate our third party sales through our network of independent installers and larger groups, giving customers as many routes as possible to hear about the Flow boiler.

So, watch this space. We’’ll keep you updated on the progress of our marketing team as they strive to achieve our long term goal: a Flow boiler in every home.

Alex Heys Author: Alex Heys Google+
Head of Marketing and Communications at Flow: A true believer in the power of words and the importance of the experience.


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