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Power generating boilers could grab a third of the European market by 2030

Posted on 9th October 2015 by Geoff Barker

In his recent article Geert De Clercq, utilities correspondent at Reuters, highlights the potential for microCHP or power generating boilers in the European residential heating market. He notes, of the 115 million boilers in Europe more than one third of them could be replaced by such microCHP products, driven by the need for consumers to reduce their energy bills and encouragement of governments to produce low carbon heat and power.

De Clercq refers to reports by a European organisation, Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe (CODE), that identify microCHP as the future for new heating appliances, recognising that a key trigger for their uptake will be cost reduction as the volume builds. Flow has already achieved costs at the lower end of CODE’s 2020 forecast. In the UK virtually all new boilers sold today are condensing boilers, boilers that recover heat from the water vapour in flue gases, making them more efficient. Across Europe this is lower, but new energy labelling will drive greater uptake of condensing boilers. This type of boiler was slow to take hold but is now the dominant type in Europe, and in many countries mandated through regulations. Boiler manufacturers across Europe are now looking for what will replace condensing boilers and the focus is on microCHP. Could this type of boiler become the new standard for heating equipment in Europe?

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