5 mobile apps to make life less stressful

Posted on 6th April 2016 by Alex Heys

No matter how organised we may try to be, in today’s fast-paced world it can be difficult to keep on top of everything. But fear not because, thankfully, we can now put our responsibilities in the capable hands of a mobile application designed to aid our organisation. From tidy to-do lists to mind meditation, we’ve picked out five mobile apps that will help inject a little tranquillity into your day, and help make your chaotic mind a thing of the past:




Headspace, the current must-have app, claims to significantly reduce anxiety if used for just ten minutes a day. Through quick daily moments of meditation, this app is programmed to actually reshape your brain (hopefully not as ominous as it sounds) to lead a more streamlined life. The app can be tailored to suit your own personality and mentality so it caters for all those who have a little too much on their mind.10 day free trial, available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore


cold turkey


We all know how it feels to have itchy web fingers – constantly flicking from Facebook to Twitter all the while knowing we’ve much more important things to be doing. Well Cold Turkey works to counteract these habits, blocking distracting websites from wandering minds. With features such as “scheduled blocks” and “work breaks”, Cold Turkey enables you to keep track of when you’re at your most susceptible to distraction so you can beat temptation without physically locking your phone in your desk draw.
Free, download from the website




Making lists can feel like you’re making headway with your everyday jobs…until you find you’ve got enough lists to start a small novel. The Evernote app intends to take the art of writing – be it lists, mind-maps or even a particularly impressive doodle – into one confined and organised digital space. It can also collect screenshots of handwritten notes, so that (if you are so inclined) you are able to keep the old ways alive…sort of.Free, available on the App Store and Google Play




Shortened to “IF” from IFTTT ( which is already a short form for If This Then That ) this rather wordy sounding app is actually refreshingly simple. It allows users to create links and set rules between devices. In short, it connects your interests for you, letting you focus on bigger things. For instance, if everything you post on Instagram also goes on your Twitter then IFTTT knows and does it for you. It might only save you a couple of seconds but, you know, those seconds add up.Free, available on the App Store and Google Play




You’d be forgiven for being sceptical of an app that promises to make you a genuinely happier person – particularly while staring at your moody reflection in the mirror on a Monday morning. But the Happify app comes armed with scientific proof. If used relatively frequently, this app boasts a better, bouncier version of you in only two months. Given that all it takes is a few techy games and a bit of positive thought, we’d be willing to give it a try.Free, available on the App Store and Google Play

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