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Posted on 12th April 2017 by Alex Heys

From litter-detecting beach drones and the latest portable speakers, to the handy inflatable garden furniture that can be transported to your local park, this blog post will explore the latest innovative gadgets that are set to make it big this summer.

Summer is just around the corner and we’re already seeing the first promises of it in the form of festival style and beachwear hitting the shops. In this blog post, we explore the latest smart tech products that are set to make it big this summer, from litter-detecting beach drones to the latest portable speakers and handy inflatable garden furniture ideal for taking to the park. Whether you’re an ardent festival-goer or prefer to relax in the sun, there’s something for everyone.

1. Litter-detecting beach drones
At the first glimmer of summer, Britain’s beaches are invaded by a sea of vitamin-D seekers venturing out to enjoy the weather. However, all too often, our beautiful coastline becomes a dumping ground for non-biodegradable materials such as plastic bags and bottles that endanger marine life. There is a solution (ignoring, for the moment, the simplest one – people should stop dropping litter!). A company called Plastic Tide has developed a revolutionary algorithm that can scan the aerial images recorded by drones and produce an accurate map of the most densely polluted parts of our coastlines, helping us to focus clear up efforts and take preventative action.

2. Inflatable garden furniture
We’re all too familiar with the suggestion of hitting the park or beach, only to be filled with dread at loading up the car and heaving around dead weight tables and chairs. Enter the self-inflating air loungers which are incredibly versatile and can be brought to the beach, music festivals, BBQs, and other outdoor activities. They can even be used in water! A word of warning though, this furniture is very lightweight. If left unattended, it may take off with a gust of wind, so make sure you anchor it down with something…preferably yourself (any reason to stay horizontal).

3. Outdoor speakers
For those of you on the look-out for the best outdoor speakers this summer, look no further. The JBL Flip 3 is set to be one of the most popular outdoor Bluetooth speakers of 2017. Despite its compact size, it has excellent sound quality with a great bass. The speakers allow users to wirelessly connect up to three smartphones, meaning that you’ll never be short of song choices. Unlike other speakers on the market, the battery life is impressive, playing on average ten hours of music per charge.

4. Drinks cooler
What summer day would be complete without a cold, refreshing drink? SpinChill has come up with a portable battery-powered drink chiller which spins to add convection, drastically increasing heat transfer between lukewarm liquid and cold ice. Chill times range from as little as one minute for a can of soft drink to five minutes for a bottle of wine. Next time you’re heading out to the beach or for a picnic, save yourself from the dissatisfaction of warm beer with this nifty product.

5. Solar-powered phone chargers
We have grown increasingly attached to our smartphones, to the point whereby most of us would not consider leaving the house without them. Summer heralds long days relaxing outdoors away from plug sockets, so what happens when our phone battery runs out? Solstice Power Solutions has come to the rescue, selling a range of power banks that can be charged from the mains or feed off solar power, which is great news for those of us hanging out in a sunny place. The only problem you can expect is keeping everything crossed that the British summertime delivers its tantalising promise!

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