Great deals with big savings

You could save up to £500 a year

Your Flow Eco RF boiler is so efficient, it could save you over £250 a year on your energy bills. For maximum savings, switch your home energy to Flow. That could save you another £150 a year. Then there could be around £100 a year saving from your smart thermostat. So the amount you save overall could be huge.

A comprehensive package for maximum comfort and minimum costs. Includes:

  • Flow Eco RF boiler – one of the most efficient and reliable boilers available anywhere in the world
  • All materials for standard installation
  • Highest quality installation by a fully accredited, insured and quality assured Flow Brand Ambassador
  • In Touch control system for remote control via smartphone
  • In Touch monitoring system for remote diagnostics
  • A 2 - 10 year warranty

Your newly installed smart boiler can save you a packet - particuarly when combined with home energy.

Energy efficiency savings

Up to £350 a year*

Potential energy switch savings

Up to £150 a year**

Total energy savings

Up to £500 a year***

*Including savings from high efficiency of Flow Eco RF compared to an F/G rated boiler and savings from the installation and regular use of the Intouch smart thermostat.
**Saving level from switching home energy depends on your current provider, tariff and energy use. Quoted energy saving based on dual fuel high usage Ofgem consumption switching to Flow's Variable tariff.
***Total saving of over £500 a year combines saving from your efficient boiler and smart thermostat with savings from switching home energy

Next steps?

Get a boiler quote and book a free home survey now with a local Flow Brand Ambassador. They’ll visit your home to provide a personalised boiler installation quote and talk you through our bundled energy offer.