Boilers from Flow

Boilers from Flow

Lots of people worry that they don't know enough about boilers to choose one. Don't worry, we'll help you.

We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice – and, of course, we’ll make a recommendation of the best boiler for your home and wallet. Every boiler we recommend will be highly efficient, to save you money, and extremely reliable, to give you complete peace of mind. We’ll take the worry out of this important decision.

10 good reasons to install a boiler with Flow

To be honest, there are dozens of reasons you should install a boiler with Flow. But we know you’re busy, so we’ve limited ourselves to 10.

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Next steps

To provide a personalised quote for your new boiler and installation, we need to complete a free survey on your home. It’ll be conducted by one of our local experts who, we think, are the UK’s finest heating engineers (they’re friendly and tidy too).  They’ll spend a couple of hours assessing your home, give you some impartial advice, and then quote you a competitive price for your new boiler and installation.

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