Flow Eco RF boiler


Flow Eco RF boiler

This is a new breed of energy efficient boiler that offers benefits that other boilers simply don't provide

We’re talking jaw-dropping reliability, ultra-high efficiency and remote control of your heating via your smart phone as standard – plus much, much more.

And here’s the best bit – combine your boiler with home energy from Flow and you could save over £500 a year, meaning your boiler deal could pay for itself. See the Packages page for more information.

12 good reasons why the Flow Eco RF is the best boiler

Usually lists like this are 10 points long. But the Flow Eco RF has so many benefits, we’ve had to include 12! Click below to read all the good reasons why you should choose a Flow Eco RF boiler.

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Flow's famous bundled packages

Let us switch your home energy to Flow at the same time as we install your Flow Eco RF and your  overall energy savings could potentially be more than the cost of your boiler AND installation.

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Our brochure includes all the features and benefits of the Flow Eco RF. Download it now.

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Next steps

To provide a personalised quote for your new boiler and installation, we need to complete a free survey on your home. It’ll be conducted by one of our Flow Brand Ambassadors who, we think, are the UK’s finest heating engineers (they’re friendly and tidy too).  They’ll spend a couple of hours assessing your home, give you some impartial advice, and then quote you a competitive price for your new boiler and installation.

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