How to get a Flow boiler

It’s more than likely that you haven’t bought a new boiler for a while. You may NEVER have bought one before! So we wanted to explain exactly how you get a new boiler from Flow.

It’s a quick and easy journey to life with a boiler from Flow. One minute your old boiler will be chugging away (or not, as the case may be). The next you’ll have a state-of-the-art, top-of-the-range boiler from Flow that keeps you warm, cuts your bills and provides a range of benefits you simply don’t get with other boilers.  Here’s how it all works…

Tell us you're interested

The first thing to do is just to let us know you’re interested in a new boiler. Just give us a few details and then we’ll call you back to discuss.  Just click here to do that now.

Free home survey

The next step is a free home survey.  We’ve hand-selected a national network of local, expert heating engineers – our Flow Ambassadors – to conduct your free home survey. One will visit your home to assess which advanced Flow product is appropriate for your home and to give you some sound advice and their honest opinion.


Competitive quotes

The information gained from your home survey allows your Flow Brand Ambassador to tell you exactly which type and size of boiler is right for your home and to quote a personalised, competitive boiler and installation package price.

Install date

As soon as you’ve agreed to move ahead with your install, we’ll book your install date and we’ll send you all the information you’ll need about what will happen on install day.

Full install

Then your friendly and highly skilled Flow Ambassador will attend your home to install your chosen boiler with the minimum of fuss.




Warranty activated

As soon as your boiler is installed, your warranty will be activated. We offer a range of warranties across our product range of up to 10 years.  So in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with your boiler, we’ll be round in a flash to put it right.