How to update or close the account of a deceased relative or friend

We understand that dealing with the death of a family member or friend can be a very distressing experience and that paperwork is probably the last thing on your mind.

We would like to offer our help by dealing with the administration of the Flow Energy account(s) in a simple and timely fashion. This page has information to help you understand what details and documents we need in order to conclude your loved one’s accounts with us.

  • Notify us of the customers’ passing – provide name, account number and property address
  • Complete and return the Bereavement Form below along with the details of the Executor
  • Provide up-to-date meter readings, if possible
  • Let us know if you need a final bill for the purposes of the Estate or if the property has been returned to a Landlord/Letting Agent/Housing Association and the date it was returned so that we can finalise the account
  • Let us know the name and personal details of the person who will be taking over the account going forward if the property is owned


To provide this you can simply complete our bereavement form by clicking the link below –

Flow Energy Bereavement form

How to return this information to us

By email- You can send the completed form and documentation by email to

By Post- If you’d prefer to post us the completed form and documentation required please address this to –


Customer Experience

Flow Energy

North Felaw Maltings

48 Felaw Street



How we will deal with the account(s)

If the property is owned


Is there someone else still living in the property?

When someone is still living in the property, and is going to continue to do so, we can usually update the name, personal details and direct debit details on the account, and the account number would remain the same going forward. In order for us to update the account in this way, we would need the completed bereavement form. This would need to be returned along with proof of Executor, if you have a document to that effect.

Is the property going to be sold?

If the property is due to be sold and final bill required for the Estate, please notify us on the bereavement form. We will then put the account on hold until the property is sold when we would then finalise the account in the name ‘The Estate of…..’. At the point of sale, we will require meter readings to arrange the final bill. This will then be sent to the Solicitor/Executor for payment from the Estate. If there is any credit on the account, this would be refunded to the Solicitor/Executor in the form of a Cheque, if the account holders bank account is closed.

If the property is to be sold but a final bill is not required for the Estate, we will update the account into the Executors details awaiting the sale of the property.

Will someone inherit the property?

When someone inherits the property, we will need to close down the old account and set a new account up for them going forward for the ongoing energy being used.

This will be actioned from the date it is inherited or occupied by someone else via our Change of Tenancy process.


The probate procedures for a rented property


What do I do if the property is rented?

You will need to state this on the bereavement form and contact us again once the keys have been returned to the Landlord, Letting Agency or Housing Association with up-to-date meter reads and the relevant company/person’s name and postal address.

We will then close down the account and send a final bill to the Executor/Solicitor.

Once we’ve received all the relevant documents, we’ll make a note on the account of the bereavement and update the account accordingly. If we need any additional information we will be in touch. We’ll then send confirmation once the account has been updated.

For more help and advice, please see organisations below that can provide additional support during this difficult time:

Government guidance

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Bereavement Register

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, please feel free to contact us via email to: or please give our Customer Services Team a call on 0800 092 0202 (free from a landline and mobile) and one of our Advisors will be happy to help you or arrange a call back from our bereavement department.

We’re available Monday to Friday at 8.00am till 8.00pm.