Switching Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier is a quick and simple procedure. Continue reading our guide for the key hows and whys of switching energy provider.

Why switch energy supplier?

Change can be scary, and changing energy supplier in particular can seem like hard work. However, the opposite is true – switching energy supplier is a quick and simple procedure. First, it’s important to choose the right energy supplier for you based on your energy consumption, property and location. Making the switch can save you hundreds of pounds per year – a worthy reason by itself. But you as well as low prices, you could be looking for recommended suppliers who are known to provide quality service and high levels of care for their customers.

You should pay attention to your TCR (tariff comparison rate) to help guide decisions regarding pricing and value. Using trusted review aggregator pages and comparison sites such as Citizens Advice will also help you find the best deal available in terms of customer satisfaction.

How to switch energy supplier

Not only is switching energy supplier often advantageous, it is also very easy to do. First you’ll want to double check the terms and conditions of your tariff to ensure you’re entitled and there are no exit fees. You’ll also want to settle outstanding bills if you have any. If your outstanding bill is less than 28 days old, it should be added to your final payment. If you have a pre-payment meter and owe £500 or less, you can arrange for a Debt Assignment Protocol to transfer the balance to your new supplier.

When you’ve decided to commit, simply let the new energy supplier know you want to switch. They may require the following information from you:

  • Postcode
  • Name of current supplier and tariff
  • An estimate of your usual energy spend
    You’ll find this information on your recent energy bills, or in an annual energy statement received via your supplier
  • Bank details

Your new energy supplier will take care of the rest. If you are looking to switch supplier today?



Note that there is a 14 day cooling off period after you sign a new energy contract. This is required by law, allowing you to change your mind and cancel the contract – receiving a refund for any payments made – within this timeframe.

How long does it take to change energy supplier?

To switch energy suppliers should take around 21 days. This is not always possible due to the industry. There may be delays due to the intricacy of making sure your first bill is valid and accurate, or as a result of issues found when checking your details. Generally, though, suppliers who are part of the Energy Switch Guarantee (like Flow Energy) make sure that you’re all switched over within that timeframe. You can read more about the energy switch guarantee here.

Changing electricity supplier when moving home

When you move home you’ll want to notify your current supplier so they can complete what’s known as a Change of Tenancy (COT). This means you should be billed up to your final day in the property. If you want your existing supplier to continue to supply your new property just let them know. You shouldn’t be charged an exit fee for moving home. If you move into a new home and want to switch who supplies that property, just get a quote and switch to the new supplier. Most energy suppliers have some kind of form to complete where you’ll be asked a few details about the move.

If you are moving house and currently with Flow, you can read our moving home guide here.