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When will Flow be able to install a smart meter in my home?


Why has my monthly Direct Debt amount increased?


Why are meter reading estimates being used on my bill?


Why aren’t my meter readings showing on my online account?


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Meter readings

How and when to send your meter readings

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Moving house

How to close your account in your old home and get up and running with Flow in your new home

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We won’t be offering smart meters until the Autumn of 2018. There’s no need to contact us about smart meter availability before then, and there isn’t a waiting list. From Autumn 2018, we’ll be contacting customers when smart meters become available in their area.

We need to work out how much energy you’ve used in each full month, so we can generate an accurate statement for you each month. This means we need a meter reading on last day of each month. So let’s say you provide a meter reading in the month – for example, on the 25th. That’s great, it means we know how much energy you’ve used until the 25th. But we’ll then need to estimate how much energy you’ve used between the 25th and the end of the month, so we can generate a month-end meter reading and create your statement, which covers the whole month.

Meter readings that you provide don’t show on your account pages in the portal itself. Instead, they show on your statements, which are available in the portal. Please note that only one reading for gas and one reading for electricity will be accepted every month, due to industry regulations. So please don’t submit multiple readings in any one month as only the first will be accepted and shown on your statement.

There are three reasons why your Direct Debit might have changed:

  1. You may have moved to a different tariff with different costs for your energy
  2. You may be using more or less energy than we previously thought
  3. You may have requested a review of your account in order to refund a credit balance or repay a debit balance

When we set your Direct Debit, we do it based on your tariff and predicted energy use at the time. But that can change.

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