Our guides

We have a really handy range of written and video guides for you that explain every part of the Flow service. It’s easy, when you have a question, just click and go!

Energy tariffs explained

Our energy tariffs guide explains some of the popular ones in the market.

Smart Meter user guide

See our complete user guide for your In-Home Display (IHD) & Smart Meters.

Gas awareness

Stay Carbon Monoxide safe with our awareness guide

Know your rights

Know your rights in a changing Energy Market (English/Welsh language version)

Payment Plan

Watch our video that explains how your fixed monthly payments work.

Treating Customers Fairly

At Flow, we treat our customers how they should be treated: fairly and with respect

Fuel Mix Disclosure

This is the breakdown of our Residual Fuel mix.

Priority Services

Additional help for those who need it

Energy Efficiency Tips

Reduce your energy use to save you money and help save the planet

Safety Advice

How to stay safe with gas and electricity


How to update or close the account of a deceased relative or friend

Terms & Conditions

View the full T&C of our energy supply