Popular FAQs

When can I have a Smart meter installed?

We plan to start our smart meter rollout in 2019. It’s not necessary to contact us about smart meters and there isn’t a waiting list. As soon as smart meters are available in your area, we’ll let you know.

Why has my Direct Debt increased?

We review your account every year to check how much energy you’re using.  If you’re using more than expected then we’ll increase your Direct Debit amount to cover your usage. Or it may be that, when your fixed rate energy deal ended, you renewed on a new plan that had higher rates (because energy prices had increased). Of course, if you use less energy than expected or move to a cheaper tariff then your Direct Debit would decrease.

Why are estimates being used on my bill?

We need a meter reading on the last day of each month, to create a statement covering a whole month. So let’s say you provide a meter reading on the 25th. That’s useful but we’ll then need to estimate how much energy you’ve used between the 25th and the end of the month. That means that every month-end meter reading you see in the portal and on your statement is estimated. But it’s a very good estimate.

Why aren’t my meter readings showing on my online account?

Meter readings that you provide don’t show in your online account dashboard. Instead, they show on your statement. Please note that only one reading for gas and one reading for electricity will be accepted every month, due to industry regulations. So please don’t submit multiple readings in any one month as only the first will be accepted and will be shown on your statement.