Smart heating

There are now better ways to heat your home than a standard, everyday boiler. Smarter ways, more efficient ways, more cost-effective ways.

Flow offers an exciting range of intelligent heating systems that deliver many more benefits than regular boilers. They can slash your energy costs, deliver unparalleled levels of comfort and control - and put you at the heart of a revolution in how we heat our homes.


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Making the right decision when it comes to a new boiler is vital. In many ways, it’s the heart of your home. Every heating system is installed under our Triple A Guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.  That means it’ll be:

  • Appropriate – exactly right for you and your home
  • Affordable – at a competitive price that works for you
  • Advanced – the very best product at the leading edge of technology

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Quality boiler installation

A quality boiler installation is just as important as the boiler itself. But finding a quality installer can be hard. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.  We’ve built a national network of Flow Ambassadors – local, expert installation specialists who have passed our rigorous accreditation criteria. These are, we believe, the UK’s finest heating engineers who bring a wealth of technical expertise with a big pinch of Flow’s famous focus on customer service. So, don’t worry, when you’re buying a new boiler with Flow, you’ll be in the very best of hands.

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How do I get a Flow Boiler?

You may not have needed a new heating system for a while. In fact, you may never have needed a new heating system before!

Don’t worry, it’s easy with Flow. There are just a few simple steps to life with a more efficient home and lower energy bills.

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