Why choose a Hybrid?

This ground-breaking technology combines a high quality gas boiler with a renewable energy Heat Pump. Up to 35% more efficient than a standard gas boiler, this two-in-one system delivers multiplied benefits to slash your energy bills and emissions. Installed in over 250,000 homes in Europe, the Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump is the clever alternative to a traditional heating system.  Here are lots of good reasons why you should choose to install a Hybrid, brought to you by Flow.

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Affordable technology

The Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump attracts the Renewable Heat Incentive (payments from the Government for using renewable sources to heat your home). Flow uses these payments to subsidise the cost of the system so you can pay as little as possible.


Home energy savings

Flow also provides home energy. We’re good at it. We have some of the lowest prices around and we’re a Which? Recommended Provider for energy 2016 for the quality of our customer service. We could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your home energy compared to what you currently pay. So switch to Flow as part of your Hybrid package and your overall energy savings could be more than the cost of your Hybrid package.


Reliable and efficient all year round

Since your Hybrid heating system combines a gas-fired boiler and an air-source heat pump, it will operate reliably, effectively and efficiently all year round in any weather conditions.  The smart hybrid control logic can automatically selects the most energy efficient and cost effective operation at any time and the system settings will be commissioned by your installer for optimal comfort and efficiency.


Ecologically sound

The system uses a small amount of electricity to drive the heat pump and generate a large amount of heat. For every kilowatt of electricity the heat pump uses, it generates about 3-4 kilowatts of renewable heat from the air. This is an extremely efficient and renewable way to heat your home and considerably reduces the environmental impact of keeping you and your family comfortable.


5 year parts and labour warranty

The Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty. So as well as a cutting-edge, financially beneficial and ecologically sound heating system, you’ll also have complete peace of mind.


Fuss free installation

The system can be installed easily, with little disruption. If your old boiler has broken down, the new system can be up and running even before the heat pump has been commissioned, so your heating can be restored quickly. What’s more, no special ground work is required and the dimensions of the Hybrid system meet the requirements of Permitted  Development Rights, so planning is not usually required.


Space saving, user friendly design

Perfect for any modern home, the Hybrid system has an outdoor unit and a compact indoor unit that fits in place of a typical boiler. The indoor unit houses a combi boiler for homes with a single bathroom, or for homes with a higher hot water demand, it can be connected to a separate hot water cylinder. The system will work efficiently with existing radiators, underfloor heating and fan convectors and can also be combined with solar thermal systems to reduce the cost of heating even further.


Fantastic customer service

The local Flow Brand Ambassador who installs your Hybrid system will always be there for you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.  Flow also has a central customer service department for both heating products and for home energy so if you have any questions about your Hybrid or your energy account (if you’ve also chosen Flow for your home energy) then help is just a phone call away. Flow is a Which? Recommended Provider for energy 2016 so you’ll know you’re in good hands.


Hassle free heating solution

Unlike with other alternative heating systems such as oil or biomass, you don’t have to worry about fuel deliveries, bulk buying or fuel storage. Your heat pump generates no waste and doesn’t need any special care just a standard, simple annual inspection.  Most heating systems are described as fit and forget and the same is true of your Hybrid. The big difference is the benefits it brings.


Flow's a name you can trust

Flow is part of Flowgroup plc, a highly respected stockmarket-listed company with a 10 year history of innovation.  We want to change the way people think about energy by providing a range of energy and energy-related products and services that deliver incredible value in new and exciting ways. Become a Flow customer today.