We hope the information on this site about this ground-breaking product has answered most of your questions. Just in case it didn't, here are the answers to some FAQs. If you have any more questions, then please call the team.

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    Is the Flow Eco RF suitable for all homes?

    The Flow Eco RF is suitable for any home that has natural gas or uses LPG. It comes in 24/30/36kW versions and the same boiler can be configured as a Combi, System, Open vent, heat only or multi-point water heater just by tweaking its software.  So it’s suitable for pretty much every home.

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    How is the Flow Eco RF different?

    We think this is the world’s best boiler. It has a unique design that uses the finest quality components so it’s incredibly reliable. It’s super efficient, because it condenses in both heating and hot water mode, saving you money off your energy bills. It gives you fast flowing hot water too, and you can even control it remotely via your smartphone. It’s a new generation of boiler that does things other boilers simply don’t do.

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    Will it save me money on my energy bills?

    The Flow Eco RF is a highly efficient condensing boiler that actually condenses much more than most boilers and also condenses in hot water mode. So, it could significantly reduce your home energy bills. And because Flow also offers home energy, you save even more by switching your energy supply to Flow at the same time as you install your boiler. Since the Eco RF is so efficient and Flow’s energy prices are so low, the amount you save on your home energy overall could be more than the cost of your boiler package (depending on your current supplier, tariff and energy use).

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    How do I get a Flow Eco RF?


    Just answer our quick questions online or call the team. We’ll then put you in touch with one of our Flow Brand Ambassadors.  This is our national network of fully accredited and insured Gas Safe registered heating engineers.  A Flow Brand Ambassador will visit your home to conduct a free home survey, to see what sort of boiler is exactly right for your home and lifestyle.  They can then talk you through our affordable packages and give you a quote.

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    What warranty does it come with?


    You can actually choose the length of warranty you’d like, either 2,5 or 10 years.

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    How quiet is the Flow Eco RF?

    It is absolutely whisper quiet.  It employs the highest quality vacuum insulation which keeps heat and sound loss to an absolute minimum.

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    Who makes the Flow Eco RF? And who installs and services it?

    It’s made in Holland by Intergas, the Dutch market leader. Intergas have generations of experience in making boilers. They actually manufactured the first ever condensing (high efficiency) boiler. They’ve applied all their years of experience and their innovative approach to create what we think is the world’s best boiler.

    When it comes to installation and servicing, that’ll be looked after by your local Flow Brand Ambassador.  Flow Brand Ambassadors are the UK’s finest heating engineers, chosen by Flow because of their skills, experience and approach. Your Flow Brand Ambassador will be courteous, punctual, tidy and, most importantly, they’ll complete your installation with the minimum of disruption. Then they’ll always be there to help you in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with your new boiler.

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