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Comfort. Control. Efficiency

The smart home is here, with Flow. Add internet-connected intelligence to everyday household devices to save you money, give you more control and keep you safe.

Flow Home products


Smart thermostat

Control your heating with your smart phone from wherever you are. Never come home to a cold house again.


Smart plugs

Worried you’ve left straighteners/coffee machine/iron on at home? Check on an app on your phone and switch them off.

Flow Home explained

Flow Home is a range of next generation smart devices for your home that connect to your home broadband. Since these devices are internet-connected, it means you can control them via an app on your phone.

We currently offer a smart thermostat and smart plugs. There are more exciting products coming soon.

Our smart thermostat lets you turn your heating on and off and up and down from wherever you are. Our smart plugs tell you whether you’ve left household devices on accidentally, and allow you to turn them off remotely.

Flow Home delivers a level of comfort and control that you’ve never previously enjoyed. It puts you right at the forefront of a revolution in home efficiency.

Flow Home products


Top FAQs

Our smart plugs don't need any sort of installation. Our smart thermostat should be installed by a qualified electrician.
Yes you'll need a broadband connection for Flow Home products to work.
You can buy Flow Home products outright or spread the cost with a simple monthly payment.
Your data is stored securely on our servers with your full consent in much the same way as your energy account information is stored. Your data is safe with us.