Smart Thermostat

Flow’s smart thermostat comes with a range of exciting features that make controlling your heating easier and save you money.


You can control your heating from wherever you are using an app on your phone. So if you’re going to be home late, you can use your phone to make sure your heating comes on a bit later.

Or if you’re going to be home early, you can turn your heating on early from your desk.

You’ll never come home to a cold house again – and never heat an empty house unnecessarily.

If you accidentally leave the house and leave the heating on, the Flow thermostat can automatically turn it off. It has a motion detector built inside. If it doesn’t detect any motion for a given period of time, because there’s no-one in, it’ll switch your heating off.

Control and Save

You can set a maximum temperature for your heating that can’t be exceeded by turning the thermostat up. So your kids can’t whack the heat up to 30!

See your stats

See detailed data and statistics on how you heat your home, potentially reducing your costs still further by identifying patterns and trends.

Shed some light

The Flow thermostat lights up when you come in the room, showing you the current setting.


All Flow Home products are available with a simple, cost effective pay monthly option or buy outright.

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