The right kind of energy company

Energy is vital. It powers our lives. We can’t live without it. That means energy companies have a big responsibility to provide energy at a fair price and treat customers fairly, too. Many don’t. Flow does, because we take our responsibility seriously. We’ve been involved in the energy industry for a long time and we’ve seen energy done badly. At Flow, we do it right.

What makes us Flow

We’re based in Ipswich, Suffolk, on the beautiful redeveloped waterfront.  We have over 250,000 customer accounts and we’re well known for delivering exceptional customer service. We do that by focusing on people. Some companies see “staff” and “customers”.  We see people. We create personal relationships that feel like more than just a transaction. We treat people like individuals, not numbers. That’s what drives us every day: the desire to offer gas and electricity, a produce that feels virtual, in a way that feels real.

Teams with energy

Our teams are made up of customer service experts, quality assurance professionals, continuous improvement managers, energy trading geniuses and much, much more.  The members of the Flow team have hundreds of years of experience between them of delivering energy to customers. Every member of the team shares the same ethos – to look for the clever alternative, to think differently, to change the way things are done for the better. That’s why it’s so different being a Flow customer.

Part of a PLC

We have a long history of innovation and success.  Flow Energy is part of Flowgroup PLC, an energy services company listed on the AIM exchange on the London stock market since 2006. Visit our corporate site to understand more about our history.