What's it like to work at Flow?

Fun. Exciting. Challenging. Inspirational.

And, of course, we mean challenging in a good way! That’s because we’re building this company piece by piece and everyone’s involved.  Everyone has to rise to meet the challenge of creating a world-beating business.

And everybody does. People are at the heart of our business and it’s people who create our success – not processes, not systems – people.  We have dozens of examples of people starting in one role and developing into another as their skills become clear.

There’s a world of opportunity at Flow.  Hear below what it’s like to work at Flow from some of the people who already do.


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Jordon & Sophie

Account Manager and Team Leader

Linda & Luke

Account Manager & Project Manager


Nic & Holly


Suzie Pettit

Credit Management Team Leader

Marina Almendros

Test Analyst

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