10 good reasons to install a boiler with Flow

We keep repeating this but it’s true – it’s tricky to choose a new boiler. And it can be difficult to find an installer you can trust. We take all the hassle out of buying a new boiler by providing the kind of service you’d expect from an award-winning energy company with 150,000 happy customers. Here are 10 good reasons why you should go with the Flow.


You could save over £200 a year

New boilers are more efficient than older boilers – and Flow only supplies the most efficient boilers around.   A new A-rated boiler from Flow can reduce your gas bill by over £200 a year.


Be greener

Since new boilers are more efficient, they also reduce your carbon emissions too – by up to 20%. This helps you be significantly greener without having to change your lifestyle. Many green products require you to do something different, to make compromises. Not a new boiler. It simply uses less energy than your older boiler, and cuts your carbon emissions. You don’t have to do anything.


Up to a 10 year warranty

Depending on the boiler you choose, a new boiler from Flow can come with up to a 10 year warranty.  A 10 year warranty gives you complete peace of mind. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your boiler. With a super-reliable product and a 10 year warranty, you won’t have to.


Remote control by smart phone

All of the boilers supplied by Flow are compatible with the new generation of smart thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can use an app on your phone to control your heating. So, if you’re going to be home early from work on a cold winter’s day, you can turn your heating on early, using your phone, so you come home to a warm home. Or if you leave the house and you accidentally leave the heating on, you can turn it off using your phone when you remember. It makes your life easier – and saves you money too.


Remote diagnostics for optimised operation

The same internet connectivity that lets you control your boiler using your phone can, with certain Flow boilers, also let your installer monitor the health of your boiler from their office. In the unlikely event that anything’s not running exactly as it should, your installer can receive an alert and will be able to log in to your boiler remotely and tweak the settings to make sure it’s running in the most efficient and effective way at all times. This increases efficiency and reduces the need for inconvenient call outs.


Home energy bundle for maximum cost saving

Flow also offers some of the UK’s cheapest home energy. You could save hundreds of pounds a year by switching your home energy to Flow at the same time as you install a new boiler (if you haven’t switched already, of course).  Considering your new boiler and smart thermostat could also significantly reduce your gas bill, your total energy saving combined, over the lifetime of your new boiler, could be more than the cost of your boiler package (depending on your current supplier, tariff and energy use).


Lots of hot water – and fast-flowing too

Combi boilers produce hot water on demand and are great for homes where only one shower will be used at once. System or regular boilers fill a separate hot water tank with hot water and can run more than one shower at once – perfect for families. Our local experts will recommend the perfect boiler to make sure you get the hot water you need, with the right flow and at the right time.


Whisper quiet operation

A noisy boiler is a big no-no for Flow. Flow’s range of boilers are chosen for many good reasons, and one of them is how quiet they are.  If you’re used to your boiler waking you up as it kicks in on winter mornings, you’ll sleep much more soundly once you’ve installed a new boiler with Flow.


Advanced technological features for more benefit

Flow’s boiler range come with lots of additional exciting features like start/stop technology and automatic weather compensation. We make sure the boilers we source for you are at the cutting edge of technology to deliver the most benefit to you.


Local expert support

Who installs your boiler is just as important as your choice of boiler itself. We make sure that your survey and install experience is exceptional via our Flow expert network. Your local, highly trained, courteous and caring heating engineer will survey your home and install your boiler with the minimum of fuss. They’ll then be there for you in the unlikely event of anything going wrong in the future, rain or shine.